• Retirement Planning

  • Comprehensive Retirement Lifestyle Analysis

    Given that your money will have to last the rest of your life, the most important step you can take now is to plan for your retirement.

    Proper planning can alleviate much of the stress you might feel when approaching retirement age and can help you make appropriate decisions based on goals you have set.

    A good retirement roadmap begins with a comprehensive analysis of your current situation and strategies, and realistic estimates for expense goals, investment returns, inflation, taxes, social security, and other important data.
    Once the initial analysis has been completed, analysis of various "what if" scenarios is performed to determine the ideal plan, as well as an acceptable strategy and outcome as defined by the client.

    » What if investment returns are lower or higher than expected?

    » What if inflation is lower or higher than expected?

    » What if a major stock market correction occurs shortly after retirement?

    » What if you delay or accelerate receipt of social security?

    » What if you spend less or more than expected?

    » What if you delay or accelerate retirement?

    Whether the analysis demonstrates a disconnect between your current resources and plans for retirement, or solidifies the virtues of your current strategies and plans, you are sure to walk away with more confidence and peace of mind.
    Let us help you begin the process of enhancing the financial security for you and your family.